Best blood trailing dogs

best blood trailing dogs

What would be a good breed of dog for training to blood trail deer, hunt rabbits, shed antlers, etc. basically an all around sports dog that could. Chloe recovering a 24 hr. old gut shot deer. We had some rain the day before and the blood was sparse. I'm about to invest in a good deer tracking dog. I am color blind and have a terrible time finding a blood trail, much less staying on it when I do  Blood tracking dogs, any trainers out there?. best blood trailing dogs Originally Posted by Jaspro Willhunt4food's neighbor has some shihteraniums for sale. Forum ArcheryTalk Forums Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases Best blood trailing dog breed? So I think I may break on down and get one. I am color blind and vegas software free wanted one of my own to help with the tracking. Do you have other pets? He tracks for outfitters, hunting celebrities, major league sport stars and Average Joes across the Midwest.


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